Carota! is a puzzle game in a retro SNES-style inspired by Pipe Dreams and Tetris Plus.

  • It features 50 levels across 3 modes of play
  • 6 original music tracks
  • Game Center and OpenFeint leaderboards and achievements

"If Lewis Carroll or Mervyn Peake ever made a puzzler, it might be a little like this, and that’s pretty much an endorsement right there." -- Christian, Hookshot Inc.

"Carota! got its hooks in me and it's worth a purchase if you're into puzzlers featuring cute cat-rabbits." -- Jeffry Demelo, Old School

"The gameplay, once understood, reveals itself to be quite deep, and compelling, with a high degree of replay value for those who enjoy maximizing high scores. Highly recommended." -- Gabrien, TouchArcade forums

"This is how you do pixel graphics." -- metalcasket, TouchArcade forums

"Overall, the aesthetics and humor of this app make it a great game." --

"It tends to be more laid back than its closest genre cousins, but Carota! succeeds as a fun and varied action puzzler you’ll want to try out if you’re looking for something that’s well out of the ordinary." -- iFanzine